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Ellen can write just about anything:

  • Technical writing, documentation and manuals
  • Print and Web copywriting, blog articles and customer facing content
  • Process analysis and policies
  • Grants and proposals following APA guidelines
  • Sales speeches and presentations
  • Social media and bios / profiles / personal brands
  • Information Security Awareness materials
  • Marketing collateral and e-books
  • Poetry
  • Newspaper articles following AP Style
  • Editing of book manuscripts using Chicago Manual of Style in preparation for submission to self-publishing houses

She has particular expertise in the fields of business and entrepreneurship, technology, college & careers, medicine, finance, non-profit, and real estate, and she specializes in learning a new topic quickly in order to then convey it in approachable, well-organized language.

Ellen worked for several years writing articles for SEO expert Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting, wrote freelance articles for two Gannett papers, and has been published numerous times in high profile sources (read some of her articles). A few samples of her diverse writing portfolio are provided below -- more are available on request.

Website Copywriting & Customer Facing Content

Blog Post Writing

Help Instruction

Book Manuscript Editing

Project Management & Art Direction

On each of the projects below, Ellen served as Project Manager, responsible for:

  • Technical requirements gathering, documentation of functional specifications, and business requirements writing
  • Participating in estimating
  • Working with clients who have Agile environments
  • Creating wire frames
  • Graphic design of responsive websites, app interfaces, mobile design, and elements such as icons
  • Working within established timelines and scope
  • Training clients in the use of CMS
  • Identifying tasks and potential issues and addressing them proactively
  • Keeping channels of communication moving
  • Tracking and organizing details thoroughly using Jira and Confluence
  • Testing for design, usability, brand consistency/content messaging, SEO optimization and information design as well as functionality
  • Content organization and information design
  • Upholding quality standards and efficiency
  • Collaborating with IT and other stakeholders

Zendesk Help Center Customization


Other project management clients have included Carnegie Corporation of New York, a major travel website, state government, LAC Group, LeadPages, Nextworth and TradeSmith.

Ellen has provided requirements gathering, art direction, interface design, copywriting, help content development, usage manuals, marketing materials, guidance articles, and testing for Myndbend's HelpDeskApps.com External link, including:
Additional samples of Ellen's design work, and details about her project management work, are available on request.
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