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"I have to give you... a lot of credit.  I get a lot of requests to post articles... and the content ends up being an overly general mish-mash of info that could be found on a million websites.  This article is original and will add value to my blog." - Lisa Bedford, SurvivalMom.com, said about 10 Careers for the Survivalist. Lisa has been featured on the "The Glenn Beck Show" FOX News, and other television shows and print articles

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Ellen writes feature articles for online content providers like the ones below, including Monster, USA Today, Scientific American, and TechRepublic. She is also a writer of website content, marketing copy, speeches, technical documentation, and pretty much any other kind of content development. Ellen's unique combination of creative, technical and business experience makes her quick to learn, efficiently productive, and valuable as a resource.

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Children's Book Projects


Highlights of Ellen's latest work in children's book writing (picture books, chapter books, middle grade books, and young adult books):

  • Busby, the Bungling Burglar (in-progress middle grade book)
    The Bargles are the best burglars in the Bronx until their youngest son Busby tires of the clutter in their home, and secretly returns the contraband to its original owners.

  • Frangipani, the Rhyming Nanny (completed rhyming picture book)
    A whimsical nanny introduces her young charge to the fun of rhyming, but will they convince Mom to let her stay?

  • Sad to Glad to Happy (completed prose picture book)
    Happy the donkey feels unusually sad and worries that he’ll never feel like himself again, until he’s reminded by his barnyard friends of what makes him grateful.

Ellen is seeking illustrators, agents and publishers for her projects.

Contact her to learn more...

10 College Courses that will Change Your Life

When it comes to choosing which courses to take each semester, most students rely on brief descriptions in course catalogs and suggestions from student advisers. There are some courses, however, that deserve a better sales pitch.

Even though many classes may be general education requirements or prerequisites, it is still up to the student to decide which courses to take first. Without a big-picture glimpse of how these courses can have a positive impact on the rest of your life, you might miss out.

The following are some course offerings, available at most colleges and universities, that deserve special emphasis. What they teach you will take you much further than just the completion of your degree. If you take these classes seriously, you’ll learn valuable information and ways of thinking that will contribute to your lifelong success in work, society and family.

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20 US Higher-Education Buildings Earn LEED Platinum in 2011

College students may still have to burn the midnight oil, but many of their classrooms, libraries, residence halls, laboratories, student centers, and stadiums are healthier, more efficient environments.

Over the last year, approximately 20 higher-education buildings in the US were certified as LEED Platinum – the highest level of green building recognized by the LEED international benchmark. In addition to being built with environmentally-responsible materials and practices, these projects are inspiring in their design, innovation, and thought leadership.

Significance of LEED Certification

Established by the US Green Building Council External link (USGBC), the Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Development (LEED) is a program for certifying new construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings in 20 countries. There are five levels of certification: Certified, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

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What to Do with the Underutilized Genius on Your Staff

Have you ever worked on a project for months (or years), and one day a new employee walked in and offered a different way of doing things that was so good it rendered all your work useless? More than likely, you and the rest of your team felt like idiots for not thinking of it first.

It’s easy to be intimidated by someone who clearly outpaces you in intelligence, creativity, social influence or memory. Even if you’re a bright star yourself, there may be someone on your staff with exceptional abilities different than your own.

While having brilliant players on your team can be advantageous, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to manage. People who excel far beyond the norm in a particular talent or mental process can be unconventional, controversial, intolerant, rigid, and/or abrasive to the point that their abilities don’t get fully recognized or integrated effectively.

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Written for BrainTrack External link as a guest post on TechRepublic's IT Leadership External link blog

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Note: This article made the top five in "Hot Discussions" on TechRepublic, with almost 60 comments.

"Thanks Ellen! That was one of the best articles on this subject I've seen on TR." said Ansu Gisalas, TechRepublic power user

"This was an excellent article, which tackles the conspiracy of silence surrounding really bright people in the organization." said mdwalls

"Interesting! Excellent article." said Madsmaddad

"Best article ever. This article and specially the comments show that there is still a small hope for mankind." said Dukhalion

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"Good read for insight..." r0bshaw External linkRob Shaw (gccit)

Don’t Burn Bridges: 10 Ways to Maximize a Job Transition

The rings of a tree reveal a lot more than its age. Not just a timeline of disease, disaster, pollution, and prosperity, they tell a story of survival and resilience.

Job transitions are like the rings in the tree of a career. They are benchmarks for the accumulated accomplishments, skills, and learning moments of an employment experience. At no other time in our lives are we more motivated to take inventory of what we’ve accomplished, what we would do differently next time, and where we’re headed next in our careers.

No matter how or when your role ends, the challenge is to be prepared mentally and materially so that you can keep perspective in a situation when you may feel an overwhelming mix of emotions.

The ability to act decisively and professionally no matter what can make the difference between a collegial parting of ways and a hurtful mess.

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Are You a Shark or a Dolphin? Two Types of Entrepreneurs

All entrepreneurs may crave the freedom to follow through on their own ideas, and the independence to succeed or fail on their own terms, but their visions of success and methods for attaining it can be dramatically different – as different as sharks and dolphins.

Entrepreneurs as Sharks

Traditional entrepreneurs are trained in business school to create businesses or invent products that continually grow to reach benchmarks like obtaining funding, mass distribution, and going public – for the sake of profit. They are strategic rebels who aren’t deeply attached to their creations or the tools they use to create them. Their career goals primarily include making the first million, gaining wealth and power, and then funding further ventures.

Because the grand objective is always rapid and ever-expanding wealth, all too frequently the success of traditional entrepreneurs comes at the expense of higher moral standards. Their ambition can be so powerful, and they can be so singularly focused on their goals, that they may readily discard their colleagues, clients, vendors, partners and even family members if they get in the way of those goals.

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Written for BrainTrack External link as a guest post on Seattle Post-Intelligencer's The Biz Bite External link blog

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"I thought the article was terrific." Whitney Keyes, editor of Seattle Post-Intelligencer's The Biz Bite

Baltimore area looks good for 'college town' rental investors

Good news for investors seeking profitable rental properties -- Baltimore ranked in the top 10 for college town real estate markets in the U.S. in a recent MarketWatch story External link. Key investor-friendly variables come together in cities like Baltimore, including:

● A high rate of housing demand that is consistent over time, primarily due to a continuous influx of students and professors seeking off-campus housing. Also, college towns are desirable retirement spots thanks to the nearby restaurants and steady stream of cultural and athletic events. Landlords can be more confident that they will be able to choose from a sizable pool of tenants and avoid long-term vacancies.

● Significant increases in tuition costs and campus living throughout the country are motivating students to choose affordable nearby housing over student housing. This allows landlords to charge more for rental properties -- often enough to cover the entire cost of the mortgages on their properties.

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Written for BrainTrack External link as a guest post on The Baltimore Sun's Real Estate Wonk External link blog

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