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"Right on!" - Maggie Mistal said about Matching Your Personal Passion to a Promising Career. CNN dubbed Maggie "one of the nation's best known career coaches."

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Strategic Self-employment for Career Stability

If you listen to the hype, you might think there are two kinds of people out there: entrepreneurs and career employees. Entrepreneurs are seen as risk takers while employees are thought to prefer stability. But don't be fooled into thinking in these black-and-white terms when it comes to your career. With some creative strategizing, the right combination of employment types can serve you well.

Consider Yourself Self-employed First, Employed by Others Second

You may have built up being your own boss as "the big plunge" or a "someday" dream, imagining a drastic change in lifestyle with long-sought freedom and unlimited income potential. Perhaps you are waiting for a big idea or the right partner to come along.

In actuality, anyone who gets themselves to work each day and does their best to make sure their bills are paid is acting as their own boss. There isn't much difference between working for an employer or a client. It's mostly about mindset.

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"Certainly, there are a lot of folks out there who, like me, have a ton of experience but still can't seem to land that full-time assignment and might well consider "formalizing" their consulting/freelance gigs into a company concept.  I know that it would be easier on my resume to be listing some corporate name under which I'd done a number of varied projects, rather than just spinning out a long list of the specifics!  Anyway, thanks to Ellen and BrainTrack for providing this interesting look at these options!" - Brendan Tripp, The Job Stalker

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