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Enhancing Your Employability for Nonprofit Jobs in 2011

Landing a wage-paying nonprofit job is becoming easier than it was during the last two years, especially with larger organizations.

A recent report from the human resources consulting firm Nonprofit HR Solutions indicated that the job market for nonprofit work may be stabilizing.Nonprofit Employment Trends Survey 2010 External link, a report in which over 500 nonprofit organizations were surveyed, said that while over 50% of respondents had to eliminate positions in 2009, only a tenth said they did in 2010. At the same time, approximately 43% expected to create new full-time positions in response to a rise in demand for their services, and most of these had a greater number of employees.

These statistics and others included in the report can help people seeking employment to formulate a job-hunting strategy for 2011:

Finding Nonprofit Employers

It may not seem like hunting down employers would necessarily enhance your employability, but nonprofits frequently have little or no formal recruiting budget; they may not even have an HR department. So you must be assertive and seek out jobs with organizations that may not be advertising or posting positions online. Here are tips for broadcasting your availability effectively:

Scope out the scene: Research news stories to identify larger nonprofit employers in your area through their press releases and events. Compare community statistics to identify trends in growth between organizations.

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I was happy to stumble on this review of my guest post by About.com's Joanne Fritz!

"Ellen Berry, guest blogging for The Case Foundation External link, has some terrific tips External link for people looking for a nonprofit job this year. I really liked these tips especially..." Read Joanne's article External link

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