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"I have to give you... a lot of credit.  I get a lot of requests to post articles... and the content ends up being an overly general mish-mash of info that could be found on a million websites.  This article is original and will add value to my blog." - Lisa Bedford, SurvivalMom.com, said about 10 Careers for the Survivalist. Lisa has been featured on the "The Glenn Beck Show" FOX News, and other television shows and print articles

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Smart Ways to Use Google Docs for Better Online Group Learning

Advancements in online collaboration are rapidly changing the way in which we learn, and Google is pioneering the field with Google Docs External link. The development team continually adds new features and enhancements to the free online productivity suite, similar to Microsoft Office, which now includes applications for creating and editing text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, and forms. Students and teachers are leading the parade of enthusiastic users, finding innovative ways to enhance education using Google Docs.

Cool Tools

Whether they are sharing a presentation for class, tracking the progress of a group project, brainstorming ideas, or giving / receiving assistance with homework, Google Docs allows students and teachers to:

  • Store, share, and work together on files using their computer or smart phone from any location. All it takes is Internet access and a free Google account
  • Upload files from a desktop and share them by sending email invites to collaborators

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Written for BrainTrack External link as a guest post on Schoox External link

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