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"Nice stuff, I like your style. Light and breezy but not glib or shallow. Neat." - Rick Townley, BoomersOnlyBlog.com

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Book Review: The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box

For the past year I was looking for a shortcut. Like most unpublished writers, I’d been determined to bypass the hoop-jumping and “get discovered” by a publishing house. I’d heard too many sagas of publishing woes, and didn’t want to end up as dejected as a cheap paperback cover.

My friend went the self-publishing External link route with modest success, and I wondered if I was being stubborn by not following in his footsteps, but it had long been my goal to be published the traditional way. That being said, I was not averse to skipping blithely past all those writers drooping in line outside publishers’ front doors. There had to be a back door, and I was going to find it. Apparently I didn’t think the rules applied to me – but I didn’t realize I had this in common with most writers newly seeking publication until I read The Writer’s Essential Tackle Box: Getting a Hook on the Publishing Industry by Lynn Price.

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