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"I have to give you... a lot of credit.  I get a lot of requests to post articles... and the content ends up being an overly general mish-mash of info that could be found on a million websites.  This article is original and will add value to my blog." - Lisa Bedford, SurvivalMom.com, said about 10 Careers for the Survivalist. Lisa has been featured on the "The Glenn Beck Show" FOX News, and other television shows and print articles

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Making More of a Difference: Choosing Careers with Big Positive Impact

Having a heart for positive change can lead us to make unconventional career choices. Choosing generosity over making money seems contrary to the basic tenets of capitalism, and at times may feel like we’re shooting ourselves in the foot. But there’s a generation of baby boomers that is transforming the landscape of business with their passion for giving back, and inspiring many of us to rethink why we work. In the past, a stable bee-line to a life of luxury was the American dream, but now more and more of us want to be part of seeing things change in big ways.

Big Picture Motivations

The four most common motives that compel us to seek careers that inspire extensive social betterment include:

  • Visionary Enthusiasm – Found in those who possess a grand plan for the potential of humanity, and seek followers to put it into action
  • Alarmist Angst – A heightened awareness to potential risks and terrible consequences, and the dire need to yell, “The house is on fire – we must do something immediately or everything will fall apart!”
  • Grassroots Generosity – A wide open caring for the plight of people, creatures and the planet, a passion for community, and the belief that change starts at home
  • Cool, Calm, and Collective – A quiet understanding of a larger, unified purpose and responsibility that inspires subtle but influential changes through innovation, mentorship, dialogue, and partnership

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