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"I have to give you... a lot of credit.  I get a lot of requests to post articles... and the content ends up being an overly general mish-mash of info that could be found on a million websites.  This article is original and will add value to my blog." - Lisa Bedford, SurvivalMom.com, said about 10 Careers for the Survivalist. Lisa has been featured on the "The Glenn Beck Show" FOX News, and other television shows and print articles

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How to Make Decent Money Working in the Non-Profit Sector

Do you wish you could walk away from your dollar-driven job and do something meaningful instead? Are you happiest when making a difference, but concerned about how you'd pay the bills if you worked for a non-profit? Well, working for charities doesn't always mean working for charity. In fact, there are many organizations that are run just like companies, and pay reasonable salaries.

The biggest difference between for-profit companies and nonprofit organizations, other than the bottom line, is where the money comes from. Fundraising for contributions from individuals and corporations is a primary means of bringing in money for non-profits, but many also rely on government and private grants. Funds awarded as a grant are usually intended for specific uses such as the purchase of technology, the construction of a building, marketing, or paid positions for staff.

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