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"I like this piece, Ellen!" - Toni Bowers, Head Blogs Editor for CBS Interactive's Tech Republic, about Techie Seeks Nonprofit Job: How to Be a Big, Misunderstood Fish in a Small Pond

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Is Graphic Design the Right Creative Career for You?

A lot of people ask me about my job as a graphic designer. They either don't know what it is, say "they don't have a creative bone in their body", or express a desire to be one, too. When I met my first graphic designer as a teenager, I had the same response - "What exactly is that? That sounds interesting - but I don't think I'm creative enough."

My interest was renewed in graphic design several years later while I was working as a public relations coordinator. My boss asked me to create an employee newsletter that would be sent out by email, and left it up to me to figure out how.

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Positive Comments

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